2015 Winner Profile


Project Description:
Catalyst is a mobile app, a framework and a methodology created by IBM's CIO Team. Catalyst reinvents standards, policies, best practices and analytics as composable elements -- accelerating the creation of secure enterprise mobile applications. Before Catalyst, mobile application guidance was delivered as written content in the form of Web pages and documents spread across internal servers -- information easily misinterpreted by designers and developers. Catalyst assembles a world-class tool chain, cloud build services, compliance automation and mobile quality assurance -- while fostering a culture of code reuse and contribution. Every new application benefits from the enhancements Catalyst contributors provide.The result of the Catalyst project is a scalable, repeatable and financially sound ecosystem for producing and deploying world-class, enterprise-grade, mobile applications.
Project type:
Mobile or Wireless, Enterprise Architecture, Collaboration Tools
Business Goal:
Operational Impact
Jeff Smith, VP & CIO
Virginia (Ginny) Rometty, Chairman, President & CEO
Armonk, N.Y.
Computer Software
Revenue (2014):
$92.79 billion
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