2015 Winner Profile

Kaiser Permanente

Project Description:
Kaiser Permanente rolled out three high-tech hospitals in Northern California to provide patient-centered healthcare. They incorporate a variety of innovations -- from way-finding applications to state-of-the-art MRI equipment -- but two technologies, in particular, have been critical to its efforts to improve the patient experience. These include Interactive Patient Care (IPC) and Real Time Location Services (RTLS). IPC is a hospital room technology hub where patients can view a Care Board to see their schedule, care plan, care team and health education videos. Patients can also order food from a customized menu, control the lights, blinds, temperature and music in their hospital room. They can access the Internet for email, social media and on-demand free movies. RTLS cuts down on non-clinical nurse activities by tracking, mapping and reporting the location and status of moveable devices or machines.
Project type:
Supply Chain or Logistics
Business Functions:
Marketing, Customer Service or Support
Business Goal:
Customer Impact
Dick Daniels, EVP & CIO
Bernard Tyson, Chairman & CEO
Oakland, Calif.
Revenue (2014):
$56.4 billion
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