2015 Winner Profile

Rockford Health System

Project Description:
Although many healthcare organizations have deployed electronic medical records (EMR), Rockford Health System has implemented a fully automated, comprehensive EMR system that includes several innovations. For example, one innovation scores a patient's readiness to be switched from intravenous medications to oral medications. Other innovative applications provide guidance for diagnostic imaging tests and chemotherapy regimens. Digitizing healthcare records also enables Rockford to capture data that was previously missed, and not analyzed, because it was in narrative form. This advanced EMR has had numerous benefits, including a reduction in medication errors and transcription costs, plus more accurate coding for medical billing.
Project type:
Business Intelligence or Data Analytics, Business Process Management
Business Functions:
Accounting and Finance, Customer Service or Support
Business Goal:
Strategic Impact or Competitive Advantage
Dennis L'Heureux, SVP of IT Planning & CIO
Gary Kaatz, President & CEO
Rockford, Ill.
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