2015 Winner Profile

State of Indiana

Project Description:
The state government is pursuing data-driven decision-making, with a vision of having Indiana be the most effective, efficient and transparent state government in the nation. To achieve this goal the state built a real-time management system using the latest technology to provide insights into state government operations. The Management and Performance Hub, the overall program, has three parts: business analytics and policy development (real-time key performance metrics for decision-making); case studies (such as data mining to analyze infant mortality); and public transparency (a website where the public can manipulate open data sets). Because of the new data technologies, queries and reports are produced much faster, and all of the data is easy to find in one location.
Project type:
Business Intelligence or Data Analytics
Business Functions:
Asset Management or Maintenance
Business Goal:
Financial Impact
Paul Baltzell, State CIO
Michael Pence, Governor
Indianapolis, Ind.
Revenue (2014):
$15.2 billion
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