2015 Winner Profile

State of Utah

Project Description:
For every proposed bill, the Utah State Legislature develops a "fiscal note" that estimates the cost or revenue effects of the bill on state and local government, businesses and individual citizens. In the old system, the legislature's staff spent large amounts of time following up with key parties for responses, compiling paper responses and "walking folders from office to office." To improve the process, the state deployed a mobile-friendly website that aids respondents by providing workflow functionality; allows multiple users to work simultaneously on each bill; and lets agency executives review the responses on their tablets. A dashboard shows the status of each pending item and a countdown clock for its deadline. The system reduces the time spent responding to a bill by 30 percent and dramatically reduces late responses.
Project type:
Content or Document Management, Databases or Data Warehouse, Cloud Computing Services or Software as a Service (SaaS)
Business Functions:
Accounting and Finance
Business Goal:
Operational Impact
Mark Van Orden, Executive Director of Technology Services
Gary Herbert, Governor
Salt Lake City, Utah
Revenue (2014):
$12.89 billion
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