2015 Winner Profile

The Boeing Co.

Project Description:
To better meet the needs of its customers and help them boost their bottom lines, Boeing sought a way to showcase the value of its products and services to clients. So Boeing developed and implemented a customer engagement modeling (CEM) system that uses analytics technology to enable the sales and marketing teams to build a closer, more collaborative relationship with customers. The system is built on a scalable architecture, integrating modules using a service-oriented architecture model. The CEM system cuts the speed of assembling customers' marketing analyses by 25 to 40 percent to provide them with more expedited and precise answers.
Project type:
Business Intelligence or Data Analytics, Databases or Data Warehouse
Business Functions:
Marketing, Sales, Engineering
Business Goal:
Customer Impact
Ted Colbert, CIO
Dennis A. Muilenburg, President & CEO
Chicago, Ill.
Aerospace or Defense Contractor
Revenue (2014):
$86.6 billion
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