2015 Winner Profile

The Vanguard Group Inc.

Project Description:
Vanguard Personal Advisor is a Web-based financial advisory service that provides low-cost investment advice to individual clients, augmenting each client's relationship with a financial adviser. The service uses portfolio analytics -- including Vanguard's proprietary financial simulation tool -- to match the investment strategy with the customer's financial goals. The Personal Advisor system uses the same in-depth model that previously was only available to large institutional clients. It can manage separate portfolios aligned to specific goals (e.g., college savings, retirement, or a buying second home), each with distinct targets for stock, bond and cash investments. The system, which has dramatically reduced the time needed to generate a client's financial plan, has contributed to Vanguard's growth in assets and a 10-fold increase in clients since the system was launched in 2013.
Project type:
Customer Service or Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Architecture
Business Functions:
Customer Service or Support
Business Goal:
Customer Impact
John Marcante, Managing Director & CIO
F. William McNabb III, Chairman & CEO
Malvern, Pa.
Financial Services
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