2015 Winner Profile

Wagner Logistics

Project Description:
Wagner Logistics "IT-in-a-Box" allows third-party logistics providers and their customers to quickly deploy wireless networks in new facilities. IT-in-a-Box deploys network and systems in warehouses within days using a cellular-based router and wireless mesh network. With IT-in-a-Box, there's no longer any need to install substantial wiring and access points throughout a facility to run wired T1 networks. IT-in-a-Box cuts the time it takes to get a warehouse up and running from 22-60 days to four to seven days. It cuts the deployment cost from $13,000 to $9,500 and reduces annual costs from $5,400 to $740. Productivity improves by 35 percent when systems/network are placed immediately, instead of manually entering data at the corporate office, for a savings of $13,860 per month.
Project type:
Mobile or Wireless, Enterprise Architecture
Business Functions:
Supply Chain or Logistics, Sales, IT Operations
Business Goal:
Customer Impact
Joseph Johnson, Director of IT
Brian Smith, President & CEO
North Kansas City, Mo.
Retail, Wholesale or Distribution
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