2016 Winner Profile

The Clorox Company

Project Description:
In 2015 the Clorox Company partnered with Amazon to create their first internet-of-things (IoT) connected device for their Brita line of products. The new Brita Infinity Pitcher would need to be IoT enabled making the filter replacement process convenient, easy, and worry free. To do this, the device would automatically order new Brita filters in a completely automatic and manageable process by leveraging the consumer's home wireless network. Since part of the filter's success depends greatly on timely replacement of the filter, the ability to automatically order a replacement filter had to be virtually foolproof to ensure a constant supply of great-tasting filtered water.By working with key technology vendors, Clorox was able to uphold their long standing tradition of successfully collaborating with external partners on product development and distribution. By doing so the company was able to increase the sale of the filters and the Brita product line, while helping to change both consumer and investor perception of the company as Clorox enters the world of IoT enabled devices.
Business Functions:
IT, Research & Development, Sales
Business Goal:
Strategic Impact
Manjit Singh, SVP - CIO
Benno Dorer, CEO
Oakland, Calif.
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