2016 Winner Profile

The AES Corporation

Project Description:
The AES Corporation kicked off a new initiative in 2015 focused on the company's adoption of unmanned technology. Partnering with their IT organization and business partners around the world AES developed the Drone and Submersible Center of Excellence' in order to support their businesses adoption of unmanned technology globally and across all AES operations. Working together they quickly identified many immediate uses for the technology. By removing the human factor when performing inspections deep in the ocean or high in the sky, AES's use of Drones and Submersibles now keeps their employees out of harm's way while allowing them to work more efficiently and earning them global recognition and awards in the use of the cutting edge technology.
Business Functions:
Asset Management or Maintenance, Other
Business Goal:
Operational Impact, Strategic Impact
Elizabeth Hackenson, CIO & SVP of Technology & Services
Andres Gluski, President & CEO
Arlington, Va.
Utilities (Oil, Water, Gas, Electric)
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