2016 Winner Profile

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation

Project Description:
In conjunction with its in-park services and marketing teams, the Six Flags Information Services team developed and deployed the All Season Dining Program for its season pass holders. Season pass holders were offered two options, which provide different types of food options. When they entered the park, a biometric scan activated their pass and available meals for the day. Meal and snack periods were available during specific dimes of day and were authenticated via its point-of-sale system. Six Flags monitored and reported guest usage via its BI system, while meal utilization and inventory depletion was provided via its ERP system. More than 250,000 dining passes were sold in 2015, and a 12 percent increase in overall attendance was attributed to the program. In addition, the company achieved its best financial results with its highest guest satisfaction scores to date.
Business Functions:
Customer Service or Support, Inventory Management, Sales
Business Goal:
Customer Experience
Michael Israel, SVP - CIO
Jim Reid-Anderson, Chairman, President and CEO
Grand Prairie, Texas
Hospitality, Travel & Leisure
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