2016 Winner Profile


Project Description:
Nielsen struggled to support the explosion in data volumes after streaming data became more prevalent and itneeded to rewrite its reporting systems to enable more intuitive and on-demand reporting of music trends. Nielsen's solution was Music Connect, an app powered by the company's music data and insights that include airplay, streaming, sales, social media and billboard charts data. The application features artist, song and album dashboards, along with Billboard charts and industry trend, giving the client a single, connected view of the artist. C-level execs, for example, can look at overall market conditions to make business decisions, while a local marketer can view data at a more granular level of detail to measure the impact of a local marketing event.
Business Functions:
Marketing, Research & Development, Sales
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage
James Powell, CTO
Mitch Barns, CEO
New York, N.Y.
Business or Management Services (including Consulting)
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