2016 Winner Profile

NASA Glenn Research Center

Project Description:
Continuing their long standing tradition of driving scientific advances, and recognizing the opportunities that scientific visualization affords research scientists and engineers, the NASA Glenn Research Center recently established a small team of expert programmers, data scientists, and visualization experts to create the new Scientific Computing and Visualization team. With funding for pure scientific research challenging to obtain within NASA, the team made extensive use of existing gaming technology to create applications that would communicate the research of NASA to enable greater advances by its scientists. By making the new scientific visualization capabilities accessible to local businesses, universities, and students the NASA Glenn Research Center Scientific Visualization team has greatly enhanced the value of NASA to these communities while continuing to inspire the next generation of explorers.
Business Functions:
Research & Development
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage
Sean Gallagher, Chief Information Officer
Jim Free, Center Director
Cleveland, Ohio
Government: Federal (including Military)
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