2016 Winner Profile

KAR Auction Services

Project Description:
As a full service provider in the used car industry, KAR Auction Services struggled with the acquisition of six new companies over the past three years as they dealt with their inability to properly integrate the various new systems and technologies that came along with those purchases. With each new system speaking a different language KAR could not properly track its vehicles between their salvage, finance, and auction processes leading to a poor user experience and eventual loss of revenue. KAR's IT team set out to develop the Enterprise Operations Center (EOC) which would integrate the complex technologies and business unit systems so that KAR could operate as a single company and grow faster. By implementing EOC, KAR was able to grow their business by 30 percent while freeing up 145 resource hours per week and increasing employee retention.
Business Functions:
Customer Service or Support, Sales, Supply Chain or Logistics
Business Goal:
Customer Experience
Gary Watkins, CIO
James Hallett, CEO
Carmel, Ind.
Retail, Wholesale or Distribution
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