2016 Winner Profile

Intel Corporation

Project Description:
In 2014, Intel set out on a project that would provide their internal teams with a big data analytics platform. Designed to increase revenue, provide gains in productivity, and reduce costs, Intel's IT team partnered with their own Sales and Marketing Group to develop a predictive analytics engine that creates a ranking system for each of their reseller channel customers. The new platform can now identify customers who have the greatest potential for high-volume sales. This enables the sales teams to then create better engagements, which also allows the reseller business channels to continue to grow. The newly developed solution now delivers a personalized customer experience by translating big data analytics from sales and marketing engagements into new revenue opportunities which has already delivered nearly $1B in incremental revenue and productivity gains for Intel in just the past 2 years.
Business Functions:
Business Goal:
Financial Impact
Kim Stevenson, Corporate Vice President and CIO
Brian Krzanich, CEO
Santa Clara, Calif.
Computer Hardware
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