2016 Winner Profile

Foot Locker, Inc.

Project Description:
Foot Locker receives over 1.5 million new job applicants each year, and while also experiencing high employee turnover rates, Foot Locker decided in 2010 to start taking a much closer look at a particular set off attributes from their large pool of job applicants. The goal of the project was to use predictive data to narrow down the list of applicants to a much smaller and more focused list, now based off of behavioral profiles that are an ideal match for Foot Locker's retail sales initiatives. To do this Foot Locker partnered with Infor and began using Infor Talent Science. By leveraging the new system, Foot Locker managers are now reviewing far fewer, yet more qualified applications, and they've reduced the number of resumes viewed by their managers from hundreds to as few as only three, while also reducing Foot Locker employee turnover rates.
Business Functions:
Human Resources, IT, Sales
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage, Customer Experience, Operational Impact
Pawan Verma, Chief Information and Technology Officer
Richard Johnson, Chief Executive Officer
New York, N.Y.
Retail, Wholesale or Distribution
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