2016 Winner Profile


Project Description:
Power management company Eaton developed the Customer Analytics platform to provide multiple views of customer data to help sales and marketing to take critical actions. These include slices by industry, peer sets, sales territories, business groups, product groups, and marketing verticals and segments spanning the customer lifecycle. In addition, the platform gathers customer data sets to provide insight into their invoices, open opportunities, orders, quotes and recommended products to provide context for sales and product marketing decisions. It also enables customer segmentation for targeted sales evaluations, shows the impact of closing open opportunities with a customer and how it impacts sales, and highlights performance gaps. Since it's launch, Eaton has seen a cultural change toward an analytics-driven sales organization, as sales leaders now take action with these solutions. In addition, sales planning and effectiveness have improved.
Business Functions:
Manufacturing, Sales
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage
Bill Blausey, Chief Information Officer
Cleveland, Ohio
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