2016 Winner Profile

Cushman & Wakefield

Project Description:
In 2015 Cushman & Wakefield was faced with replacing their former commercial real-estate appraisal system, formerly Appraisal Builder. They would replace this system with the new Global Template Tools (GTT), a cutting-edge appraisal platform developed in house by their own IT and Valuation & Advisory (V&A) teams. The creation of a commercial real-estate appraisal system is typically an extremely labor and time intensive project and this one had to be produced rapidly in a highly competitive and price-sensitive market. By leveraging out-of-the-box capabilities from Microsoft to develop a coordinated workflow that their team could leverage through the familiar Microsoft Excel and Word applications, GTT has empowered Cushman & Wakefield's professionals to create a new and cohesive set of business process enablers. This resulted in a 30 percent time reduction in execution and delivery per appraisal, a savings of over 500 work hours per appraiser per year, and a 25 percent potential increase in appraisals produced and revenue generated.
Business Functions:
Order Processing or Fulfillment, Research & Development, Sales
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage, Customer Experience, Financial, Regulatory Compliance, Security & Risk
Adam Stanley, Global Chief Information Officer
Brett White, Chairman & CEO
Chicago, Ill.
Real Estate
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