2016 Winner Profile


Project Description:
This year, after a successful proof-of-concept completed in 2014, AstraZeneca Portfolio Strategy & Management (PSM) launched a first-ever integrated R&D portfolio management system dubbed PIVOT. This new system was designed to aggregate project and finance data from a variety of sources in order to support strategic portfolio investment decisions. By leveraging existing tools within its enterprise architecture standards and partnering with a cloud provider, PSM was able to implement an innovative and cost-effective solution in a short timeframe. The introduction of PIVOT at PSM has reduced the time required for several manual, laborious, and error-prone processes while providing crucial data required for analysis of several areas including partner and support science units, therapy areas, project teams, and senior executives in making important data-driven decisions. All this continues to drive PSM towards their ambitions of $45 billion global revenues by 2023.
Business Functions:
Research & Development, Other
Business Goal:
Financial Impact, Strategic Impact, Other
David Smoley, CIO
Pascal Soriot, CEO
London, U.K.
Healthcare (e.g. Medical Services, Pharmaceutical, Biotech)
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