2016 Winner Profile


Project Description:
To improve the rate at which claims are paid, Aflac added direct deposit and other enhancements to SmartClaim, an online service that provides a faster turnaround time than mail and fax. Its One Day Pay initiative allows the company to receive, process, approve and disburse payment to policyholders for eligible claims within one business day. One Day Pay uses technology that automatically submits information to Aflac's batch process, which allows wellness claims to auto-adjudicate based on processing rules and approval through in-house modified software. In addition, it developed a RESTful API to lay the foundation for mobile device support. As a result, Aflac has seen an 86 percent uptick in customers using SmartClaim. In addition, 82 percent of its SmartClaims are One Day Pay claims, while 91 percent of SmartClaim users have indicated that they are satisfied with the new submission process, compared to 86 percent through other channels.
Business Functions:
Customer Service or Support, Order Processing or Fulfillment, Sales
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage, Strategic Impact
Julia Davis, Chief Information Officer
Columbus, Ga.
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