2016 Winner Profile


Project Description:
Beginning in 2015 Accenture set out on an aggressive 3-year, enterprise-scale journey into the cloud. It all started with Accenture's IT organization kicking off a new program dubbed Cloudification. This major initiative served multiple business purposes and set out to fulfill the organizations vision of the future. The new Cloudification initiative was designed to enable Accenture to implement digital services and capabilities to their customers, anywhere and anytime. By Accenture implementing their new Cloudification initiative and sticking to their new cloud first, cloud only strategy and principle for all new applications they have increased their cloud based footprint in just one year from 9 percent up to 55 percent in 2016 with 90 percent of all new environment requests being provisioned directly in to the cloud. Based on the past 7 months of the proactive management capabilities of the new Cloudification process, Accenture expects to see an annualized benefit of $3.56M.
Business Functions:
Engineering, IT
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage
Andrew Wilson, CIO
Pierre Nanterme, Chairman & CEO
Dublin, Ireland
Business or Management Services (including Consulting)
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