2017 Winner Profile


Project Description:
In June 2014, Accenture's internal IT organization and its human resources department began collaborating to develop the Talent Hub, a data/software solution based on a new, cloud-based data model/HR talent architecture that consolidated old/new employee talent data and operated in real-time. The goal of the Talent Hub was to improve Accenture's access to employee talent attributes so the company could make informed decisions around talent strategy, acquisition and staffing for client projects. The Talent Hub has made talent management at Accenture better and faster by becoming the single system of record — with more than 16 million active records — for competency data. The Talent Hub, which replaced a complex network of legacy data approaches, skill taxonomies, and systems, also provides almost instant access to significantly improved skills data. This digital capability allows the business to better manage people by leveraging their talents to create more value for clients and the company.
Business Functions:
Human Resources
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage
Andrew Wilson, CIO
Pierre Nanterme, Chairman & CEO
Dublin, Ireland
Business or Management Services (including Consulting)
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