2017 Winner Profile

Arizona State University

Project Description:
During a key phase of its Sun Devil stadium renovation project, the Arizona State University (ASU) IT department delivered the necessary infrastructure to support the build out and the technical requirements necessary for future growth. At the same time, the IT organization also took the opportunity to demonstrate smart city, Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities with interoperability to mobile applications. The project started in 2015 in partnership with Intel, which provided the sensor technology, Dublin City University in Ireland, the ASU Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development and the University Technology Office. The group created an IoT network with the sensors to collect and analyze humidity, temperature, sound and vibration data, among other things, with the goal of visually displaying the information during football games and using it to inform the ASU app. By doing so, the IoT network at Sun Devil Stadium has the ability to improve logistics and assist fans on game day. For example, the stadium team could send a push notification to fans in a particular section letting know the best exit to use.
Business Functions:
Asset Management or Maintenance, IT, Research & Development
Business Goal:
Customer Experience
Gordon Wishon, CIO
Tempe, AZ
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