2017 Winner Profile

Bowdoin College

Project Description:
Bowdoin College was named the most connected school in U.S. News' survey of schools for the 2013 Best Colleges rankings because of its business-critical, enterprise-grade wireless system that provided high-density, high-performance Wi-Fi for students, teachers and staff as well as guest access for parents and visitors. Bowdoin also extended the technology to its museum, piloting new cutting-edge virtual BLE (Bluetooth low energy) and wayfinding tools into guided tours to create a more engaging experience for patrons. As a result, Bowdoin lowered the operating costs of delivering a wireless service across the campus by approximately 40 percent. This was achieved using machine learning and the cloud, which let the school spend less time troubleshooting and fixing problems. Additionally, using analytics Bowdoin was better able to understand resource utilization (e.g., libraries, events, classrooms) and user traffic patterns across campus to ensure there were adequate facilities with proper staffing levels. Doing this enabled Bowdoin to invest money where it made the most sense.
Business Functions:
Business Goal:
Customer Experience
Mitchel Davis, Senior Vice President and CIO, Bowdoin College
Clayton S. Rose, President
Brunswick, ME
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