2017 Winner Profile

C&J Energy Services

Project Description:
C&J Energy Services operates over 100 locations across North America. Consequently, maintaining legacy systems or building and running data warehouses to provide occasional access to historical data from those legacy systems was expensive and complex. A single view of operational and financial performance was not available until more than three weeks after month end by which time operational information was already outdated. So, in January 2015, the company established Operation EXCELeration, a business-led, IT-driven digital transformation of C&J Energy Services based on the latest SAP-HANA and cloud technologies. The transformation brings together 10 independent businesses, seven financial systems, multiple legacy systems and processes into a single SAP business solution. Operation EXCELeration streamlines the company's processes, provides real-time business intelligence and lays the foundation to enable C&J Energy Services to operate as one company. The project went live, on-time, and under budget on January 9, 2017, three days after the company emerged from Chapter 11. The first of seven systems to be retired eliminated an annual cost of over $2 million in licensing, host and support costs.
Business Functions:
Accounting & Finance, Asset Management or Maintenance, Supply Chain or Logistics
Business Goal:
Strategic Impact
Steven Carter, CIO
Don Gawick, President and CEO
Houston, TX
Mining, Oil or Gas
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