2017 Winner Profile

Cargo Chief

Project Description:
One of the biggest supply chain problems is the lack of transparency between carriers and partners. Cargo Chief aimed to solve that problem and saw technology as the answer. To that end, the company launched Cargo Locate and Cargo Safe, two projects that allow customers to reduce and sometimes eliminate the most common logistics issues. Cargo Locate enables customers to see where their shipments are in real-time through the use of a cloud-based platform and relationship with major cellular carriers. For instance, shippers looking for quotes can use Cargo Locate for real-time location tracking of their loads via smartphones or computers to prevent potential issues. Cargo Safe automatically verifies drivers for safety rating authority status before the shipment deal is executed. The service then confirms the carrier's cargo and automotive insurance just before the truck is dispatched. The complete transparency afforded to customers through Cargo Locate and Cargo Safe helps Cargo Chief customers looking to save money and ensure reliable service.
Business Functions:
Inventory Management, Order Processing or Fulfillment, Supply Chain or Logistics
Business Goal:
Customer Experience
Abtin Hamidi, CIO
Russell Jones, President
Mountain View, CA
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