2017 Winner Profile

Clorox Company, The

Project Description:
In 2014, The Clorox formed a "Sense and Respond Marketing" (SRM) team to explore, test, learn and scale new digital marketing capabilities. To support the SRM team goals of increased responsiveness to consumers, more targeted communications and real-time consumer engagement, the company realized that it had to enhance its marketing capabilities as well as improve the collaboration between IT and marketing. IT and marketing executives agreed that enabling a significant transformational change required a clear, shared vision for their relationship so they could be more productive and deliver on functional and strategic priorities. The company launched a joint initiative led by IT and marketing to create objectives, goals, tactics and metrics for their relationship. By understanding historical context and success drivers, IT and marketing leadership created a shared vision of relationship requirements to deliver the strategies for marketing, IT and Clorox. As a result, IT is not just responding to the changing needs of consumers but anticipating where the marketing is going so the company can better solve its consumers' needs and demands.
Business Functions:
IT, Marketing
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage, Customer Experience
Manjit Singh, SVP - CIO
Benno Dorer, CEO
Oakland, CA
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