2017 Winner Profile

Darden Restaurants

Project Description:
Darden Restaurants has shifted from a mass marketing mindset to a targeted marketing approach via its customer relationship management initiative. The company has focused on gathering guests' data, learning about guests' preferences and behaviors and analyzing overall trends and segmenting guests to deliver them targeted messages. As a result, Darden has been able to drive behavior as it continually conducts tests to understand what messaging, timing and frequency of communications will result in the most optimal results for its restaurant brands. Darden's transition to a data-driven relationship marketing approach has been built off four main foundational pillars: developing a strong data acquisition strategy and database foundation; building a strong culture of testing and learning, which is critical to pursuing a targeted marketing approach; developing a strong data science capability to analyze its data and identify insights into guest segments; and recognizing that marketing effectively requires a cross-channel pursuit to reaching guests and targeting them with relevant messaging.
Business Functions:
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage
Christopher Chang, SVP & CIO
Gene Lee, President & CEO
Orlando, FL
Hospitality, Travel & Leisure
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