2017 Winner Profile

Dubai Police

Project Description:
The Dubai Police (DP) have employed cutting-edge video game technologies to create virtual incidents ranging from crime scenes to traffic accidents to hostage scenarios in an engaging way that mimics real-life situations. This allows police trainees to learn by doing to harness their skills in a safe and practical environment at their convenience. The Dubai Police realized early on the need for solutions to enhance and support the traditional methods employed for learning. Throughout the years, the department has researched and developed many virtual environment prototypes and products. These products have been replicated in different fields and are driving a technological transformation of the methods used in learning. In addition, the cost of virtual training is much less than the cost of field training. For example, virtually training 1659 trainees on crime scene and traffic accident investigations is around $2.6 million, while the field training cost for the same trainees on the same programs is around $21.4 million. In addition, virtual training saves time and effort and provides the trainees with all the possible scenarios that they might face in the field.
Business Functions:
Human Resources, IT, Research & Development
Business Goal:
Operational Impact
Khalid Nasser, Director of the Smart Services Department
Dubai, UAE
Government: State or Local (including Law Enforcement)
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