2017 Winner Profile


Project Description:
Enercare's vision is to change the customer view of Enercare from 'the folks who fix my furnace' to 'the company that makes it easy to run my house,' by providing an Uber-like experience for homeowners as well as the services they need for their homes. Enercare's goal is to provide a variety of services from proactive notification of issues, smart thermostat, smoke detection, flood monitoring, air quality monitoring, energy management and more. To that end, Enercare delivered the first mobile app in the HVAC industry in September 2016, with the full Connected Home offering scheduled to be on the market in the third quarter of 2017. The mobile app integrates with leading-edge technologies, such as Internet of Things, smart devices, machine learning, voice control and native mobile apps, to provide a seamless easy-to-use customer experience. Using the mobile app, Enercare regularly interacts with customers to increase customer engagement, customer satisfaction, brand awareness and loyalty and ultimately customer lifetime value.
Business Functions:
Customer Service or Support, Marketing, Sales
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage
Irene Zaguskin, CIO
John Macdonald, CEO
Toronto, Canada
Utilities (Oil, Water, Gas, Electric)
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