2017 Winner Profile


Project Description:
Launched in March 2017, Equifax Ignite is a data analytics portfolio that can rapidly deliver business insights in a self-serve environment. Equifax Ignite provides easy and quick access to data without IT involvement. Equifax Ignite securely and comprehensively supports the full analytical lifecycle — from data access and transparency to visualization and deployment — using a single, connected suite of advanced analytical processes, technology and tools. Equifax Ignite gives customers greater access to Equifax' data to help them generate insights in the format that best suits their needs. Equifax Ignite supports a robust data governance and security framework to protect sensitive data. Equifax Ignite creates configurable solutions to help businesses formulate and adjust strategies to market to and acquire more of the right customers, reduce risk and safely grow their businesses. These solutions are available as pre-configured, configurable or custom offerings through delivery channels that give control to users while quickly providing actionable insights.
Business Functions:
Marketing, Research & Development, Sales
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage, Strategic Impact, Other
Dave Webb, Chief Information Officer
Atlanta, GA
Computer Software
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