2017 Winner Profile

Fabrinet Co., Ltd.

Project Description:
As a manufacturer of one of the most complex electronics and optical communication modules, Fabrinet's manufacturing operations require sophisticated routings, skilled operators and interfacing with automated and manual machines and testing equipment. So the company developed a smart factory solution that provides manufacturing intelligence, product and process traceability in real time using mobility solutions. This smart factory solution utilizes big data concepts and strong statistical analysis to provide real-time information about yields, defects and bottlenecks in the manufacturing operations. It brings the operational technology (sensors, PLCs, process control) and information technology (big data, mobility, security) together to create an industrial Internet of Things application. It provides competitive advantage by providing holistic actionable business intelligence with intuitive CX (customer experience). The smart factory solution unlocks the data from the four walls of manufacturing and provides an opportunity for customers to access their data securely over the web.
Business Functions:
Engineering, IT, Manufacturing, Supply Chain or Logistics
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage
Raman Mehta, CIO & SVP
Dublin, CA
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