2017 Winner Profile

Federal Communications Commission

Project Description:
Under the leadership of Chief Information Officer David Bray, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) undertook a massive migration of its IT infrastructure from on-premise systems to the cloud. As a result, the FCC reduced its contracted workforce by almost half — from approximately 400 to 200 — and cut spending on legacy IT systems by 35 percent. The commission is using the savings from the effort to focus on mission-specific activities such as its new website. The money saved by this digital transformation allowed the FCC to tackle new efforts it simply would not have had the money to do otherwise because it would have spent the money on maintaining legacy systems. Bray and his team also rolled out a cloud-based consumer help desk that would have cost $3.4 million to develop on-premise and would have required $600,000 a year to maintain. Instead, the cloud-based system cost only $450,000 to develop and requires just $100,000 for maintenance, saving the U.S. taxpayers millions of dollars.
Business Functions:
Customer Service or Support, IT, Other
Business Goal:
David Bray, Senior Executive and CIO
Ajit Pai, Chairman
Washington, DC
Government, Federal (including Military)
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