2017 Winner Profile

Goldcorp Inc.

Project Description:
Poor tailings dam monitoring and inspection practices can result in a dam breach — the most detrimental failure in mining. To better manage the risk of a dam breach, Goldcorp Inc., a gold production company, deployed a real-time and near real-time monitoring system with alerting and reporting at Equity Silver, a silver, copper and gold mine in British Columbia. Goldcorp deployed a specialized IT system that allows data to be read from various remote equipment around the tailings facility. Combined with setting up data logging on existing sensing devices, new devices were deployed to provide more extensive coverage of the facility. The result was that the data could be centrally stored in a database for analytics as well as used to trigger alerts to operators based on specific thresholds. The benefit is that Goldcorp can now proactively see if there are changing factors affecting the tailings facility to proactively avoid an incident, or in an extreme case, gain early warning of an actual breach to more quickly notify authorities.
Business Functions:
Business Goal:
Security & Risk Management
Luis Canepari, VP,IT
David Garofalo, President &CEO
Vancouver, Canada
Mining, Oil or Gas
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