2017 Winner Profile

GSK - US Pharma IT

Project Description:
GSK - US Pharmaceutical IT's digital transformation initiative was driven by the company's desire to better meet its customers' needs as well as its desire to stop paying healthcare professionals (HCPs) to speak on its behalf. In response to customer needs, GSK launched a proprietary eCommerce platform in 2015 called GSKDirect, a single integrated place for customers to do business directly with GSK. The platform sped up the contracting process for vaccine and pharmaceutical customers in the United States and enhanced the ordering capabilities for HCPs who purchased vaccines directly from GSK. The company also transformed its interactions with HCPs by becoming the first pharmaceutical company to change sales force incentives to reward scientific knowledge and quality of support rather than number of prescriptions generated. The company's digital transformation initiative provided the groundwork for these changes by enhancing HCPs' experiences on digital channels.
Business Functions:
Marketing, Order Processing or Fulfillment, Research & Development
Business Goal:
Customer Experience
Matthew Lasmanis, VP/CIO US Pharmaceuticals IT
Jack Bailey, President US Pharmaceuticals
Philadelphia, PA
Healthcare (e.g. Medical Services, Pharmaceutical, Biotech)
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