2017 Winner Profile

GulfMark Offshore

Project Description:
GulfMark Offshore's Global Services initiative, a business model transformation, was launched in response to an unprecedented energy sector downturn. The overall objective was to achieve structural efficiency gains across enterprise functions to secure a competitive edge in onshore services. GulfMark operated as silo regions for over 25 years with little internal cohesion across functional disciplines. The regional silos and disconnects across functions of HR, accounting, IT, supply chain, operations and sales were constraining the business. The transformation focused on addressing high impact areas of inefficiencies and manual processes; transforming functions by centralizing global processes across regions; and delivering mobility apps to accelerate acceptance of global processes. GulfMark is realizing the benefits of Global Services with improved productivity, streamlined headcount and a new level of enterprise scalability. The efficiency gains from Global Services has transformed GulfMark from operating with regional silos and disparate processes to a connected enterprise with global processes.
Business Functions:
Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, IT
Business Goal:
Lee Johnson, SVP & CIO
Quintin Kneen, President & CEO
Houston, TX
Mining, Oil or Gas
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