2017 Winner Profile

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Project Description:
Utilizing advances in cloud computing, open software and machine learning, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) IT has created the Advanced Digital Research Explorer (ADRE) platform to get answers to critical questions that may lie somewhere among petabytes of space data dating back decades. ADRE, a new approach to discovering data, has already enabled previously impossible breakthroughs, saved money and reduced mission risk. Because ADRE gets better the more it's used, the benefits will accrue quickly. ADRE, an artificially intelligent (AI) software platform, automatically searches for specific data on behalf of humans; finds and verifies documents compliance to selected regulations; and helps humans find "needles in the haystacks." The platform uses AI to crawl, find, score and prioritize relevant documents based on user entered search criteria. The ADRE platform will help JPLers not only protect American interests, but also search for life in space, redirect asteroids, search for Earth 2.0 as well as the quest to put humans on Mars.
Business Functions:
Engineering, Manufacturing, Research & Development
Business Goal:
Financial impact, Operational Impact, Regulatory Compliance
James Rinaldi, Director for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Michael Watkins, Director, Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Vice President, California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA
Aerospace or Defense Contractor
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