2017 Winner Profile

John Muir Health

Project Description:
In the eyes of a cybercriminal, patient data is a hot commodity. And John Muir Health's IT team realized that to protect the lives of the company's patients and providers, they needed an innovative approach to security. To that end, John Muir Health (JMH) CIO Jon Russell and his team worked to implement and manage a strategic information security program to prevent, detect and respond to security threats throughout the organization's network. Russell and his team worked with the hospital system's leadership, industry peers and federal law enforcement to identify strategic security solutions that could provide visibility across the entire network. Following implementation of the information security program, John Muir Health now operates a comprehensive, self-healing network that contains both preventive and detective network controls. The network streamlines security responsibilities across the IT team and simplifies education for employees. To date, the project has successfully enabled JMH to identify and manually react to suspicious network traffic.
Business Functions:
Accounting & Finance
Business Goal:
Security & Risk Management
Jon Russell, CIO
Walnut Creek, CA
Healthcare (e.g. Medical Services, Pharmaceutical, Biotech)
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