2017 Winner Profile

Kaiser Permanente

Project Description:
Kaiser Permanente's new technology-enabled medical office model implements technology to create a convenient and intensely personalized experience for its members, and a more collaborative, connected experience for its care teams. The new technology-enabled medical office model articulates a vision for the future of ambulatory care, and outlines the venues, processes and technologies needed to achieve it. Through the new model, Kasier Permanente changes the member's experience — from the member's home to the appointment follow-up — and provides members with the medical office building of the future. Kaiser Permanente's new technology-enabled medical office model improves the overall experience for its members as well as the workflow for care providers to aid in offering a personalized and convenient member experience that encourages preventive care. By making it more convenient for its members to take care of their health, Kaiser Permanente aims to give its physicians a greater chance to identify and ward off signs of chronic disease for its member.
Business Functions:
Customer Service or Support
Business Goal:
Customer Experience
Richard (Dick) Daniels, Executive Vice President & CIO
Bernard Tyson, Chairman and CEO
Oakland, CA
Healthcare (e.g. Medical Services, Pharmaceutical, Biotech)
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