2017 Winner Profile

Land O'Lakes, Inc.

Project Description:
In 2016, Land O'Lakes Inc. launched an IT services business to enable independently owned and operated retailers to access its technology to reduce operational complexity. Land O'Lakes retail technology services provides technology consulting services and has also created a cost-effective, technology-as-a-service platform to solve the technology needs of these retailers whose revenues range from $250 million to over $1 billion. The service gives these businesses access to skilled IT talent and leadership resources, including executive as a service, which is challenging to bring to rural areas. The project enables retailers to execute strategic initiatives such as enterprise resource planning and mergers and acquisitions as well as modernize their consumer-facing digital platforms, increasing personalization, functionality, user-experience of websites and mobile applications. Procurement capabilities are made available through a portal called BuyPoint allowing retailers to leverage Land O'Lakes volumes and pricing for their needs. The desired outcome is for retailers to become more operationally efficient, relevant to their customers and build competitive advantage.
Business Functions:
IT, Marketing, Sales
Business Goal:
Strategic Impact
Michael Macrie, Sr VP and CIO
Christopher Policinski, President and CEO
Arden Hills, MN
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