2017 Winner Profile

Micron Technology

Project Description:
For Micron Technology, a key part of winning in the global semiconductor business is to constantly optimize its global factory network for current products and market conditions. This is a difficult challenge in any business, but semiconductor manufacturing produces massive amounts of complex data for each device that's produce. To meet this challenge, Micron embarked on a global big data warehouse project, dubbed Data Vault, to bring together this data in one place to make it available to engineers and decision makers, and to provide powerful optimization tools that give Micron a competitive advantage. The purpose of this project was to create a big data platform to integrate massive amounts of manufacturing data across 13 global sites. The initiative has centralized data from all of Micron's manufacturing facilities around the world to provide a one stop shop for information. This platform allows manufacturing process and quality engineers to achieve insights not previously possible, improving key metrics such as yield, cycle time, and quality, and saving the company tens of millions of dollars annually.
Business Functions:
Engineering, Manufacturing, Research & Development, Supply Chain or Logistics
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage
Trevor Schulze, CIO
Mark Durcan, CEO
Boise, ID
Computer Hardware
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