2017 Winner Profile

Recursion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Project Description:
Recursion Pharmaceuticals partnered with Anaconda and Bokeh to power its innovative drug discovery platform, which combines biology, bioinformatics and machine learning with an interactive integrated image explorer. The new platform enables biologists to easily identify crucial cell differences to assess drug efficacy and discover new therapeutic remedies for rare genetic diseases. The experimental approach used by Recursion allows large-scale evaluation of hundreds of genetic diseases, rather than the traditional approach of evaluating one disease at a time. It's a quick, efficient and inexpensive way to get a compound into a clinical trial. It's win-win for both the public (patients who are suffering) and for pharmaceutical companies that have compounds that could be repurposed to other uses. Recursion has identified more than a dozen promising new treatments for 20 disease models, completed orthogonal experimental validation on the beneficial effects of these drugs and in several cases has seen promising results from animal experiments.
Business Functions:
Business Goal:
Blake Boregson, Chief Technology Officer
Christopher Gibson, Chief Executive Officer
Salt Lake City, UT
Healthcare (e.g. Medical Services, Pharmaceutical, Biotech)
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