2017 Winner Profile

Samsung Electronics DS Division

Project Description:
As semiconductors become smaller and more powerful, the process for producing them becomes increasingly complex. As a result, low yield rates due to product defects become an issue, particularly when ramping up new production lines. Samsung Electronics Semiconductor Division (DS) was able to leverage cloud-based analytics to take advantage of the tremendous amounts of data generated during the semiconductor manufacturing process, resulting in improved yield rates and therefore reduced production costs. To capture and analyze the tremendous amount of unstructured, second-by-second data created during the semiconductor manufacturing process, DS developed a specialized in-house software solution. This solution captures and consolidates data from multiple geographically dispersed fabrication plants, and consolidates this data to be stored in the cloud. Consolidating data over time and across plants and silos means the engineering team can find the cause of defects much faster and even examine trends that indicate that long-term problems will develop years after the product has left the plant.
Business Functions:
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage
Stanley Kang, Vice President
Kinam Kim, President
Suwon, South Korea
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