2017 Winner Profile

San Francisco International Airport

Project Description:
TaxiQ is the official San Francisco International Airport (SFO) short trip app for taxi drivers operating at the airport. TaxiQ allows drivers to participate in the airport's taxi short system, which provides head-of-line privileges upon return to the airport for drivers who receive "short" fares. Unlike the previous time-based short system, where drivers needed to return to the lot within 30 minutes to claim a short, the new system allows drivers up to two hours to return as long as they stay within the defined short-trip region. TaxiQ enhances the safety of SFO customers by eliminating the incentive for drivers to speed back to the airport. The previous 30-minute policy incentivized taxi operators to speed, putting the public in danger of potential traffic accidents. Since the introduction of the TaxiQ system and the two-hour policy change, SFO has seen a 2 percent reduction in the number of daily short taxi trips — typically 4,000 to 6,000. The new geofence-based policy eliminates the incentive to speed, removing a hazard to the public.
Business Functions:
IT, Marketing, Other
Business Goal:
Customer Experience
Ian Law, CIO
San Francisco, CA
Government: State or Local (including Law Enforcement)
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