2017 Winner Profile

Synchrony Financial

Project Description:
With more than 68 million cardholders, and $125 billion in financed sales in 2016, Synchrony Financial has rich data on cardholder purchases, including approximately 70 percent SKU-level data for transactions on its private network. The company established a web-scale data lake so it could leverage this data to improve customer experiences and help its retail partners deliver customized marketing offers for their customers in real-time. Synchrony Financial kicked off its Enterprise Customer Engagement (ECE) program at the beginning of March 2016. The ECE platform enables the company to do much richer analysis of trends with a variety of data types all in one place. In addition, the data lake is a place where Synchrony uses machine learning techniques to better predict things such as fraud and customer channel preferences. By providing customers relevant, personalized offers at the moment of decision, Synchrony Financial and its retail partners can drive sales and loyalty and continuously learn to better understand what customers like and act upon.
Business Functions:
Customer Service or Support, Marketing, Order Processing or Fulfillment
Business Goal:
Customer Experience
Carol Juel, EVP and Chief Information Officer
Margaret Keane, President and Chief Executive Officer
Stamford, CT
Financial Services (e.g. Banking, broker and Dealers, Exchanges)
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