2017 Winner Profile

Town of South Windsor, CT

Project Description:
In a time when municipal budgets continue to decrease and agencies are tasked with doing more with less, the Connecticut towns of South Windsor, Coventry and Tolland have developed a Regional Cooperation Agreement that has been beneficial to all parties involved. The South Windsor Information Technology Department provides IT services to both Coventry and Tolland. This agreement, the first in the state, provides a revenue stream to South Windsor, while providing professional IT support to the other towns at a very competitive cost. The collaboration has enabled the towns to save money through their joint purchasing power and also allowed South Windsor to establish an IT reserve fund. Because they are the only towns in Connecticut to enter into this agreement, they have been able to apply for and receive four consecutive Intertown Capital Equipment Purchasing Incentive (ICE) Program grants from the Connecticut Office of Policy and Management. Through ICE, the three towns saved almost $33,000 on equipment purchases last year alone.
Business Functions:
Business Goal:
Strategic Impact
Scott Roberts, CIO
Matthew Galligan, Town Manager
South Windsor, CT
Government: State or Local (including Law Enforcement)
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