2017 Winner Profile

World Bank Group

Project Description:
The World Bank Group's (WBG) Global Mapping and Geo-Tagging project provides organizational transparency and a window into what the WBG does, where and how. The World Bank added and automated geospatial information on more than 1,500 World Bank-funded projects in 20,252 locations within 144 countries. By putting this information into a database and then making it available on websites, the World Bank can more quickly and effectively educate staff and stakeholders worldwide about its work. The project now enables a consolidated 360-view of World Bank data. By leveraging all data types, including structured data and unstructured data and assets, the project enables the synthesization of data relationships between people, projects, documents, activities, organizational units and regions. This enables the World Bank and stakeholders to more quickly and accurately glean insights to make better decisions, answer questions, and perform discovery and predictive analysis. The World Bank plans to further enhance use of this data by automatically categorizing projects by world development indicators, such as health and climate change, to help people better understand these issues.
Business Functions:
Asset Management or Maintenance, Marketing, Research & Development
Business Goal:
Operational Impact, Security & Risk Management, Strategic Impact
Stephanie von Freideburg, CIO
Jim Yong Kim, CEO
Washington, DC
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