2018 Winner Profile

Accenture (Enterprise Analytics Platform + Enterprise Insight Studio)

Project Description:
Accenture's Enterprise Analytics Platform + Enterprise Insight Studio program is an enterprise-wide data platform and analytics studio that is transforming the organization by embedding analytics into every facet of the business. The program is advancing Accenture's goal of becoming an insight-driven company by creating cutting-edge analytics that transform the way Accenture does business and create a data-native culture. Data is now treated as an asset, lowering the traditional barriers/silos of data governance. The data platform plus the analytics studio are changing Accenture's overall reporting landscape as business users are moving from static, offline, asynchronous reports to interactive, online, near real-time reports that give them more confidence in the data in addition to previously unavailable insights to help them make better decisions. After 18 months of production operations, Accenture moved 20,000 critical users to the online reports, supporting more than 110,000 end-user sessions per month, while at the same time retiring 50 percent of "traditional" reports.
Business Goal:
Use of analytics to improve business outcomes
Andrew Wilson, CIO
Pierre Nanterme, CEO
Dublin, Ireland
Business or Management Services (including Consulting)
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