2018 Winner Profile

ACI Specialty Benefits

Project Description:
After multiple large-scale partnerships and acquisitions, ACI Specialty Benefits had to onboard 15 million new users and manage a 300 percent increase in data collection. ACI CIO Ryan Fay decided the best way to securely scale that much data was to migrate from colocation centers running private cloud technology to a VMware cloud on AWS infrastructure. Ultimately, this entire project innovated ACI's customer experience and strengthened service for client organizations, their employees and family members. ACI's top-ranked employee assistance program is designed to help improve employee well-being and business performance by offering mental health counseling, work-life referrals, personal concierge referrals, errand running, legal consultation, financial wellness and the full spectrum of life management benefits. This major data migration project has allowed ACI to implement mobile-first Extensible Authentication Protocol technology that makes mental health benefits highly-accessible and relevant for the new workforce, while ensuring the highest levels of security and performance guarantees for client organizations.
Business Goal:
Operational Impact, Security & Risk Management
Ryan Fay, Global CIO
Ann Clark, Founder and CEO
San Diego, Calif.
Business or Management Services (including Consulting)
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