2018 Winner Profile


Project Description:
Adobe's transformation from a perpetual licensing business into a cloud-based subscription model required teams to re-imagine how to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) in a dynamic and connected ecosystem. In the always-on cloud environment, it was a challenge to measure performance in real-time and identify opportunities to enable engaging customer experiences. Business performance reporting was fragmented across groups and reflected different conclusions, thus slowing down the speed of decision-making. Adobe IT launched an in-house developed big data initiative called the Offering and Customer Framework (OCF) to empower business teams with customer insights to drive business value, expand go-to-market and improve customer experiences. OCF has eliminated separate and fragmented data silos by creating a centralized, governed single source of truth across the enterprise. What previously took weeks of data gathering and analysis is now available in seconds. This has enabled the business to focus on actionable insights and decision-making instead of data management.
Business Goal:
Customer Experience, Financial Impact, Operational Impact, Strategic Impact
Cynthia Stoddard, Senior Vice President and CIO, Cloud Technology
Shantanu Narayen, President and CEO, Corporate Team
San Jose, Calif.
Computer Software
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